Meet Nancy Stroosnyder

Nancy Stroosnyder

Administrative Support

Nancy brings over 20 years of invaluable office management experience to Great Lakes Insurance, where she plays a pivotal role in administrative support. Her expertise in bookkeeping ensures smooth operations and meticulous financial management within the company.

Beyond her professional contributions, Nancy is deeply committed to community service. She finds fulfillment in volunteering and has dedicated her time to various causes over the years. Notably, Nancy is an active member of the Alto American Legion Auxiliary, where she has held several officer positions, demonstrating her unwavering support for veterans.

In her leisure time, Nancy enjoys being on the golf course, on the water while kayaking, and being in her garden. Nancy's creative spirit thrives through painting, allowing her to express herself artistically.

Nancy is married with a 40-year-old daughter and a 14-forever year old son.